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A Simple CPU in under 100 Lines of Verilog

Have you ever sat around wondering if ChatGPT can whip you up a CPU design? Well, since the team at FPGAjobs is doing Dry January, we needed a way to entertain ourselves. So! We figured we'd try our hand at:Kicking ChatGPT's tires by asking us to write a basic CPU, …

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FPGA Development Boards for Under $150

In the dynamic world of FPGA design, breaking the bank shouldn't be a prerequisite to diving into hands-on experimentation and learning. Fortunately, a plethora of FPGA development boards have emerged that are not only feature-rich, but also surprisingly affordable. For budding enthusiasts, students, or even seasoned developers on a budget, …

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Getting Solid on Metastability

Metastability as a common design concern in FPGAs. Unfortunately, it's a concept that most folks have to learn about the hard way - in a design that isn't quite working right. What's the deal with metastability? Why does it matter for FPGA designers? And how can we modify our designs …

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How to Start a Career in FPGA Engineering

We recently interviewed Russell Merrick, author of Nandland.com and the new book Getting Started with FPGAs. As part of the interview process, we got an advanced copy of Russell's book, and we liked this section so much that we asked for permission to publish it. We're super pleased to give …

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An Overview of the FPGA Vendor Landscape

FPGAs are indispensable tools for digital designers and embedded systems engineers. With their reconfigurable nature, they allow for the design of flexible hardware that can be tailored to specific applications. Due to their versatility, several manufacturers have developed FPGA product lines, each catering to various industry needs. In this post, …

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An Interview with Russell Merrick, author of Getting Started with FPGAs

There are a ton of resources for FPGA design on the internet today, but few are as widely circulated as Nandland.com. It's a wealth of great info on HDL syntax, FPGA design, and self-guided FPGA design tutorials. After many years of running Nandland, Russell Merrick, the longtime author, has decided …

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What is an FPGA, anyway?

Field-Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) are a unique and valuable tool in the realm of digital electronics. FPGAs are highly versatile integrated circuits, offering engineers and designers a unique canvas to paint their digital creations. Unlike traditional Application-Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs), FPGAs provide flexibility, speed, and cost-efficiency. Our goal with this …

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