Senior EDA Software Engineer – Logic Synthesis

Achronix Semiconductor

Posted Sept. 13, 2023

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<div class="content-intro"><p>Achronix Semiconductor Corporation is a fabless semiconductor corporation based in Santa Clara, California, offering high-performance FPGA solutions. Achronix is the only supplier to have both high-performance and high-density standalone FPGAs and embedded FPGA (eFPGA) solutions in high-volume production. Achronix's FPGA and eFPGA IP offerings are further enhanced by ready-to-use PCIe accelerator cards targeting AI, ML, networking and data center applications. All of Achronix's products are supported by best-in-class EDA software tools.</p></div><h2 id="id-(6300-1021)SeniorEDASoftwareEngineer–LogicSynthesis-JobDescription/Responsibilities">Job Description/Responsibilities</h2> <p>As a Logic Synthesis domain expert, you will research, invent, and implement robust software solutions for RTL synthesis, mapping, and inference; P&amp;R-based physical synthesis and timing-driven re-optimization while leveraging unique features of the Achronix FPGA technology. Utilize your knowledge of Electronic Design Automation (EDA) algorithms and data structures in the context of our high performance timing-driven FPGA synthesis, placement and routing application to make significant contributions to the ACE software tool chain. The position offers a unique opportunity to collaborate directly with other Achronix R&amp;D Software team members working on routing, detailed placement, global placement, timing optimization, and runtime and memory optimizations. As an integral part of a small team, you will contribute to a culture of agile innovation and continuous quality improvement with quickly growing responsibilities and rapid career growth opportunities.</p> <h2 id="id-(6300-1021)SeniorEDASoftwareEngineer–LogicSynthesis-RequiredSkills">Required Skills</h2> <ul> <li>Excellent C++ programming and debugging skills</li> <li>Experience in a scripting language (Python, Perl, or Tcl) and a hardware description language (Verilog or VHDL)</li> <li>Deep and broad understanding of software data structures and algorithms, specifically VLSI or FPGA circuit synthesis, placement, routing, and optimization</li> <li>Prior experience working with either high-level synthesis or logic synthesis or both</li> <li>Strong analytical and debugging skills to understand cause and effect in a large software code base</li> <li>Ability and willingness to envision and try novel approaches to solve difficult software engineering problems</li> <li>Familiarity with software multi-threading techniques</li> <li>Good understanding of boolean algebra and digital circuit design and testing</li> <li>Ability to effectively develop and communicate task specifications, and to prioritize among competing tasks to meet product deadlines</li> <li>Prior experience with FPGA technologies is a plus</li> </ul> <h2 id="id-(6300-1021)SeniorEDASoftwareEngineer–LogicSynthesis-EducationandExperience">Education and Experience</h2> <ul> <li>Experience with the use one or more commercial or academic EDA tools</li> <li>Eligible to work in the United States</li> <li>Either of the following: <ul> <li>BS or MS in Engineering (Computer Science, Electrical/Computer, or other related/applied engineering fields) from a top research university with 4+ prior years of industrial experience in EDA software development using C++</li> <li>Ph.D. with original dissertation in EDA software R&amp;D from a top research university</li> </ul> </li> </ul> <p>The compensation range for this position is $110,000–$160,000. Salary ranges dependent on experience and location.</p>