Graduate Applications Engineer

ARM Holdings Inc

Posted Sept. 14, 2023

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Job Overview:

Arm’s IP portfolio expansion from mobile computing into AI, Automotive, Infrastructure, IoT among other market segments resulted in consistent growth beyond the semiconductor industry averages, resulting in career advancement opportunities previously unseen in traditional design houses. With this ever growing complexity, associated with implementing multi-core designs and subsystems in FinFET processes, we are looking for a practiced individual with proven experience for solving complex challenges, including low-power and high-performance implementation, to support our customers in realizing the best Quality-of-Results from our RTL. We achieve this by offering guidance, training, and support services throughout our customers' RTL to GDSII design closure.


In this role, you will support leading semiconductor design houses in implementing advanced Arm cores/subsystems in their nanometer SoC designs. Meeting best-in-class design performance, power, and area requirements. Working with Arm engineering teams using the latest micro-architectural design techniques, the latest EDA tools/flows, as well as the latest foundry process nodes to build reference implementation methodologies and playing a key role in imparting that knowledge to Arm customers. You will evaluate core/system implementation performance vs. power tradeoffs. Benchmark EDA flows. Supplement EDA tool functionality with custom script workarounds, looking at robust design flows in the face of variability. Study floorplan/power-ground/macro-placement/clock-tree/routability tradeoffs for multi-corner/multi-mode timing closure, and devise physical design flows to extract optimum performance from cell and macro libraries.


Required Skills and Experience:

“Nice To Have” Skills and Experience:

In Return:

We have a friendly and high-performance working environment, where Arm offers a competitive benefits package in France including private medical insurance (employee and family), 25 days annual leave, supplementary pension and reduction in working hours (11 days).