Doctoral Thesis: Runtime System Generation (f/m/div)*

Infineon Technologies

Posted March 16, 2023

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The industrial doctorate at Infineon: Pursue a doctoral degree at a university and gain professional experience simultaneously - an ideal start for your career. Advance your research with us and profit from our vast network of doctoral candidates and the expertise of a university. Mentorship is handled by both professors and dedicated Infineon employees. We are offering a doctoral thesis dealing with Runtime System Generation. More and more semiconductor devices are equipped with at least one processor and the successors of those that have already at least one processor have more of them. Consequently, the software part of the semiconductor R&D effort is growing faster than the effort required to build the hardware. A part of this software is a run time system that manages the execution of various software parts – also called threads – be it to activate them only if some computation is needed or be it to mimic pseudo parallelism. Often these runtime systems are hand coded, even if (embedded) operating systems can used for this task as well. The reason is, that especially in small devices with relatively small processors, the overhead of an OS cannot be afforded. This hand coding of runtime systems is laborious and error prone, since the requirements from software and system side increase with growing functionality. Further, hardware optimization requires continuous adoption as well. This PhD thesis targets the automatic generation of run time systems to reduce the effort by automation and improve quality by consistency. We offer: • Realistic, challenging, and impactful problems • The possibility of putting problems into an overall context • Collaboration with colleagues and teams that is seldom found anywhere in the world in terms of depth and breadth • A potential 3 months research stay at top universities worldwide and/or Europe wide cooperation of experts as part of funded research activities • An Infineon internal PhD community The thesis will be written in cooperation with Technical University Munich and under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Ecker.
The tasks within the thesis will consist of:

This doctoral thesis should also study existing approaches, prove the applicability and get feedback to enhance the methodology.

The learnings out of the thesis will be:
A doctoral student is a research enthusiast,
› …whose interests are scientific research combined with the passion for Infineon’s innovative products and applications.
› …who enjoys working in an industrial environment in combination with an Infineon partner university.
› …who appreciates open communication and the contribution of an international environment.
› …and is thus an excellent candidate for a further academic or industrial career after completion of their thesis.

As the ideal candidate you: