Silicon Microarchitecture & Logic Design - Intern


(US) Mountain View CA , Austin TX, Portland OR, Fort Collins CO
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Positions are open for full-time and internship in the areas of CPU and SOC microarchitecture and logic design. We are looking for all levels of talent, from entrance to advanced level of experience. Responsibilities

  • Microarchitecture development and specification - from early high-level architectural exploration through micro architectural research and arriving at a detailed specification
  • Development, assessment, and refinement of RTL design to target power, performance, area, and timing goals
  • Validation - support test bench development and simulation for functional and performance verification
  • Performance exploration and correlation - explore high performance strategies and validate that the RTL design meets targeted performance
  • Design delivery - work with multi-functional engineering team to implement and validate physical design on the aspects of timing, area, reliability, testability and power
  • Requirements
  • Thorough knowledge of microprocessor or system architecture in one or more of the following areas: 
  • CPU: Instruction fetch and decode, branch prediction, instruction scheduling and register renaming, out-of-order execution, integer and floating point execution, load/store execution, cache and memory subsystems
  • SOC: Fabric and network-on-chip solutions, high performance system-memory solutions, controllers for high speed I/O like PCI Express, low speed I/O like i2c, Power-management and power delivery
  • Knowledge of SystemVerilog
  • Experience with simulators and waveform debugging tools
  • Knowledge of logic design principles along with timing and power implications
  • Understanding of low power microarchitecture techniques
  • Understanding of high performance techniques and trade-offs in a CPU microarchitecture
  • Experience in C or C++ programming
  • Experience using an interpretive language such as Perl or Python
  • Education and Experience
  • PhD, Master’s Degree or Bachelor’s Degree in technical subject area.